Mandy Fayne

Chicago kids will love this PB&J treat

Change up the kids' boring peanut butter and jelly sandwich into a healthy breakfast or mid-day energy booster.

An inside activity for Chicago families that ends with a yummy treat

When the kids need something fun to do, think about whipping up these delicious and healthy muffins.

A perfect treat for Chicago families this weekend

Cookies with ice cream are always a perfect addition to dinner, especially when a few swaps can make them healthier.

A Chicago Memorial Day barbecue treat gets a healthy update

Bring this simple, yummy treat to this weekend's backyard get-togethers.

A healthier dessert for Chicago families rain or shine

Mandy and her daughter made a traditional strawberry crumble healthier with a few simple changes.

Try this on-the-go option for busy Chicago families

Smoothies are a great way to pack in nutrition when you are on the go, plus kids love to help make their own.

A healthier strawberry shortcake to remind you summer is coming

The kids will love you for making this yummy and healthier version of strawberry shortcake this weekend.

Chicago mom whips up crowd-pleasing pasta dish

When the kids need energy to keep playing and you want healthy, try this recipe that accomplishes both.

A fun spin on Taco Night

Our kids love taco night. This week, Mandy shares a recipe that will add a little different twist. Enjoy!

Warm sundae will beat back chills in Chiberia

Thrill your apple pie lovers with this super simple dessert that is sure to warm up a tummy.
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