Maayan S. Heller

Hidden dangers?

Chemicals tied to cancer, birth defects, neurological and other health problems were found in common

Less sleep may mean more weight gain for kids

Infants who don’t sleep enough are at higher risk for being overweight in early childhood,

Teaching kids no to pump up the volume

Hearing loss has never been exclusively a problem of the elderly,

Helping kids beat muscle pain

If your young athlete struggles with muscle pains or weakness, there is a solution you might not know about.

Help for common disease

Gastroesophageal reflux disease, better known by its acronym GERD, is common and underdiagnosed in children

Girls who feel less popular may be more likely to gain weight

Adolescent girls who rank themselves on the lower rungs of their schools’ social ladders might be more likely to gain

New study warns of chemicals’ potential harm

Some baby products, including lotions, powders, sippy cups and wipes, may expose babies to chemicals tied to potential

Eat and don’t worry

Breastfeeding may help prevent babies from developing allergies, but there’s no indication that

Early detection helpful

A simple and inexpensive mental health screening tool can benefit preschool-aged children

After the concussion

After a blow to the head, everyone wants to know when an athlete can play again.
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