Maayan S. Heller

The depths of development

‘Since I became a mom, I have been much more in awe of how fast a child develops," admits Dr. Laura Schwab, a pediatrician and new mother to 5-month-old Ryan.

For your minor aches and pains

Sara Mervis says herself she’s "a huge Advil person," acknowledging a bum shoulder she often abuses. She also has bad allergies and, as a result, is also "huge on Tylenol."

Got calcium?

Preeclampsia—an incurable condition occurring in nearly 10 percent of pregnancies

Flu season brings new recommendations

Thirty million more children will be added to the list of those who should be vaccinated for the flu this year

Prescription drugs pose dangers to children

Teen drug use is on the decline, but prescription medications continue to be a dangerous threat to teenagers

Taking a bite out of sports injuries

A new high-tech mouth guard system, used by many professional athletes,

Missed childhood vaccines

While there’s certainly controversy for some parents regarding vaccinations, childhood vaccines play a significant role

A link between juice and obesity?

Childhood obesity and the consumption of fruit juice are not necessarily related,

Groundbreaking fertility test launched in Illinois

PlanAhead, a blood test for fertility that measures a woman’s "biological clock,"

EPA changes rules on smog

The National Research Council’s recently released report on smog-related deaths
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