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Toy safety goes mobile this year in Illinois

Holiday shopping season is in full swing, and one annual toy safety report is going mobile this year, helping parents make informed decisions before they hit the checkout line.

What tops Chicago kids’ wish lists this holiday season

If our thoroughly unscientific poll is any indication, you can't go wrong this year with a video gaming system, which topped the wish lists of more than 60 percent of our respondents.

A diaper on every bottom: Help keep a Chicago baby clean and dry this holiday season

Families have cut a lot of things during the recession: dinners out, vacations, morning lattes. But diapers? Sad, but true - and one Chicago nonprofit is rolling up their sleeves for a little dirty work.

Largest-ever kids health study recruits Chicago families

The longest and most sweeping study of women's and children's health ever conducted kicked off Tuesday, with Chicago as one of its host locations.

Santa’s Village reopens after four years with new petting new, magic shows and paintball

It's baaa-aack. Four years after closing its doors, Santa's Village in East Dundee is back to doing what it does best: rocking the holiday season.

Old Town’s Wiggleworms program celebrates 25 years of early childhood music education

When the Old Town School of Folk Music launched its early childhood education program in 1986, there were two instructors and a handful of kids. Today, as the program turns 25, more than 2,000 kids are enrolled across the city, and the school is hosting a blowout concert Nov. 20 to celebrate.

Who’s watching your kids? Chicago beats national average in afterschool programs

The good news: more Chicago kids are in afterschool and summer programs than the national average. The bad news: 1 in 3 are still on their own after 3 p.m.

Hunting for hauntings in Chicago with ghost tour operator Richard T. Crowe

Richard T. Crowe is a professional ghost hunter who has been chasing down the eerie and unexplained in Chicago for nearly 40 years.
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