Lucy Latourette

Unexpected Ways Chicago Families Can Recycle

Some things you can recycle might surprise you.

Art therapy beneficial for kids with ADHD, Asperger’s

Local centers help children with special needs work on crucial skills through art projects.

7 simple gift ideas to take the stress out of your holiday

Don't be a Scrooge. Try one of these inexpensive twists on gifts and keep holiday spirits up.

When your kids tell you not to come to the bus stop

At what age do your kids not want you at the bus stop anymore?

Chicago schools go green

Green initiatives are nothing new at Chicago area schools, but their advancement has taken a new turn. Ecology and recycling clubs, with newspaper...

Extroverted parents/introverted kids

As parents, we naturally assume our children will be just like us. But what happens when your personality is at odds with your child's, especially when they hit the tween years, which bring their own challenges?

Mourning the loss of Kiddieland

When Kiddieland shut its doors last fall, one reader lost an entire set of childhood memories.
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