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Chicago Bears’ Devin Hester wants to inspire more young dads

Devin Hester wants to show fans - and fellow dads - that for every stereotype about professional athletes as deadbeat dads, there’s one like him, who changes diapers and takes their kids to Yo Gabba Gabba!

LEGOLAND on the hunt for the next Master Builder

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago is looking for its next (mini) master builder, and is holding a video contest to find them.

Chicago’s contributions to childhood

Candy corn, Lincoln Logs and the Happy Meal: Chicago's a great place to be a kid, and it's also responsible for some of the...

How to throw a four-star Thanksgiving at home

We asked executive chefs at eight top-rated Chicago-area restaurants to tell us their secrets for a Thanksgiving To Remember. Here's what these culinary wizards...

Chicago parents: Ask your feeding questions to the experts!

Got a newborn? Then you've got questions. Ask them here and have the experts answer!

Podcast | The 5 things every parent can do for a healthy child

All parents want (besides a decent night's sleep) is for their child to be healthy. And with today's constant stream of health information, it's easy to get lost in the noise. Dr. Lisa Thornton weighs in with the five things every parent should know. Consider it a cheat sheet for the most important job you'll ever have.

Podcast | What you need to know about early puberty

What if your child hit puberty at age 6? 5? Early puberty, also sometimes called precocious puberty, isn't usually medically a cause for concern, it can bring a host of social problems.

Body Mass Index and your child’s health

Body Mass Index is a crucial indicator of how healthy your child's weight is. But it's not always easy to make sense of. Dr. Lisa Thornton goes over a basic BMI chart and tells you what to watch for as your child grows.

News Update: Blind cords kill 12 children each year

A piece this morning in The Baltimore Sun highlights Dr. Thornton's warnings about window blind cords.

Podcast | Household hazards hidden in plain sight

In the inaugural edition of her monthly audio podcast, Dr. Lisa Thornton exposes some uncommon household hazards -- and how to minimize danger.
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