Lisa Hanneman

Chicago mom says goodbye to winter and hello to more free time

Lisa is looking forward to gaining back the hours she lost during the winter.

Making sacrifices for kids: Where do Chicago parents draw the line?

Is making sacrifices a part of being parents or should we continue to do the things we love to show our kids we are more than "just" parents? Lisa wonders where you draw the line.

Chicago mom stunned after looking closer at her family’s eating habits

Think you are eating healthy? So did this Chicago mom until she and her husband decided to try a one week cleanse.

Chicago mom: A guide to volunteering and charity

There are many opportunities in Chicago to volunteer and give back to the community. Finding the right organization for you and figuring out what you can offer are the first steps.

Chicago mom shares secrets for a successful move with kids

Moving can be stressful enough but add kids to the mix and you may find yourself in over your head. These tips can help you manage the task.

Chicago mom: Why I keep an emergency pair of scissors near the nursery changing table

Diaper blowouts + ruined onesies = major new mom stress. Until Lisa Hanneman realized that a simple pair of scissors could save her sanity.

What to do when your praying mantis dies

How do you deal with the death of a family pet - especially when you're the one that killed it?

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