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New regulations don’t toy with safety

One of the unintended consequences of the new toy safety regulations is that small toy manufacturers have had to pull out of the U.S. market. Some say the regulations are too one-size-fits-all. Others say less choice is the price we must pay for safety. Chicago Parent took a look at the debate.

Music therapy for kids with special needs works for some Chicago families

Music can help many kids with special needs better process the world around them.

Good daycare can give kids a leg up in the long run

The debate over daycare continues, but a new long-term study finds it can give kids an academic boost as they hit their teenage years.

Dads can get the baby blues, too

We’ve been hearing more about the risk of postpartum depression in mothers. But there’s another population that’s been left out: fathers.

Call it biology: Mom’s voice is soothing to kids

You always knew it, but now there's proof: Mom's voice is soothing to kids.

Signs your child might be abusing inhalants

A McHenry County teen recently died after huffing propane fumes, just a few months before his high school graduation. Could your child be next?

Ambidextrous kids at higher risk of language, behavior problems

Ambidextrous kids may be in high demand on the baseball field, but their unique skill may put them at a higher risk for language and behavioral problems.

Powerful superbug, resistant to antibiotics, is spreading

What you need to know about a new drug-resistant superbug that may be harder to treat than MRSA.

Asthma meds aren’t one-size-fits-all

Though children with low to moderate asthma are typically treated with the same medication, few children have the same responses to it.

Is it a concussion?

Both parents and physicians are confused by the term concussion, a new study finds. And kids may suffer as a result.
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