Lela Davidson

Finding the best online bargains this holiday season

For busy parents, sometimes it's a lot easier to click a mouse than hit the stores for holiday shopping. We've got some tips to find the best deals online.

Health Savings Accounts 101 for families

A tax-preferred Health Savings Account can help a family accumulate a stash of cash for medical expenses. Our money columnist Lela Davidson runs down the details of starting an account.

Strategies for every school supply shopper

Even the 10-cent pencils add up this time of year so check out these four tips to save some cash on back-to-school supplies.

How to save money with homemade health and beauty products

Making a few of your own grooming products is good for your body, good for the planet, and great for your wallet. While...

Tips for making a family summer vacation affordable

Longing for a week away? Here's what you can do to finance that much needed time off.

How couples should handle their money and bank accounts

As long as there have been couples, there have been spats over money. We look at the three ways couples commonly handle their cash.

How to choose the right credit card for your family expenses

Before choosing a credit card, consider your family's lifestyle and needs.

How to better understand your credit score

Ignore the hype. Credit scoring is actually very rational and predictable

Three ways to save money at home

Avoid ugly utility bills this winter with easy makeovers for the most expensive rooms in your home.

6 ways to keep spending in check this holiday season

Don't drown in debt come January.
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