Laurie Puhn

Make a marriage work through negotiation

Something not working in your marriage? Couples mediator Laurie Puhn says speak up, but don't blame.

Good relationship advice: Pick your battles

To prevent a fight with your spouse, Laurie Puhn says it's better to be smart, take a breath and hold your tongue.

Are you a love optimist?

Laurie Puhn with three techniques for turning your pessimism for your mate into optimism.

The Overreactor in all of us

Ever had a moment when you yelled at your spouse for something trivial, when really there was something deeper driving your frustration? Laurie Puhn says, get to that deeper reason. It will make your marriage healthier.

5 new ways to say ‘I love you’ in 30 seconds or less

Chicago Parent relationship blogger Laurie Puhn has some easy tips for busy couples to say I love you.

10 habits of happy couples

Laurie Puhn's, author of Fight Less, Love More, devotes this month's blog to 10 tips for making your relationship (with kids or spouses) better.

Enjoy a Romantic Married Life

Kids can make romance less spontaneous. But relationship blogger Laurie Puhn says it doesn't have to go away - and keeping it alive isn't as hard as we might think.

Loving – and liking – your spouse

Our new relationship blogger Laurie Puhn with some advice on getting back to actually liking the person you married.

Relationships: Unnecessary Arguments

Relationship blogger Laurie Puhn gives some advice on how to avoid arguments that don't mean anything.
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