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New Year’s traditions to start with your family

Who's excited for the New Year?

The gift of gifted education

With budgets on the decline, parents and teachers of gifted children find themselves forced to be more creative to encourage the learning.

Are you ready for the sex talk?

Children today are exposed to more graphic sexual images and innuendos at a much younger age, making it more important than ever that they learn the facts correctly. Research overwhelming shows that, despite their vehement eye-rolling, kids want and

Next-baby showers

Not sure what to get the mom expecting baby two, three or four? We've got you covered.

Deerfield mom bringing back Barbie fashions

Leaving the fashion industry for motherhood, Pamela Thompson turns to making clothes for her favorite childhood doll.

Paying for good grades Chicago Parents weigh in

Should you pay kids for excelling in school or sports?

How to help ease back-to-school jitters

First-day jitters are understandable, but sometimes they can turn into the shakes and before you know it, your child is worked into a worrying frenzy. Stop anxiety before it starts with these five tips.

Your guide to the ultimate summer sleepover in Chicago

Stock some extra pillows, grab some Tylenol and get a head start with these tested tips for surviving a pre-teen sleepover.

How to help your child start a pet sitting business in Chicago

If your child is itching to make some money this summer but isn't ready to babysit or run the lawn mower, consider pet-sitting. Here's how to get started.
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