Kristina Lazzara

Hidden gems of the Bristol Renaissance Faire

With just a few weeks left, we've got a few ideas on what to see at the Bristol Renaissance Faire before it closes Sept. 1.

Chicago-area cheerleaders host ice-cream fundraiser

Looking professional is key to representing the Norridge and Harwood Heights communities, so come out and help the Ridgewood HIgh School Rebels raise money for new uniforms.

New early signs of autism identified

Researchers have found that the severity of autism can be discovered through early motor skills deficiencies.

Chicago school focuses on students with learning differences

A new school in Chicago is preparing high schoolers for college.

Chicago’s Second City opens doors to those on the spectrum

Second City has designed a new outlet for friendship and creativity for kids with autism.

Chicago’s Second City unveils mentoring program for those on the spectrum

Second City hoping to help teens and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders have fun and make friends.

Chicago-area family gets magical makeover for kids with special needs

Two local children are over the moon with their new bedroom makeovers.

How Chicago moms can hula hoop their way healthy

Try the newest fitness trend that uses a toy from your past.

The four most energetic animals for Chicago families to see at Brookfield Zoo

Looking to add some excitement to your family trip to the zoo? We searched out the four animals you don't want to miss.
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