Kristin Gehring

What to Pack for Family Vacation

Plan ahead with this list!

Sun’s out, surf’s up

Pull up the minivan, Mom. Let’s load up for the beach! Sunblock? Check. Novel? Check. Beach hat? Mais oui!

Time keeps ticking

But I don’t have time!" pleads my 14-year-old daughter when I remind her that today is her turn to walk the dog.

Need a break today?

Graduate acting school was a nerve-wracking experience, but my favorite memory of utter relaxation comes from the first of my three years in Philadelphia. I'd just taken the subway back to my South Philly apartment, after rehearsing a play that involved my stomping around the stage in a black leather jacket and periodically shouting at the top of my lungs. Exhausted, I walked into the apartment, threw down my bag and collapsed onto the thrift store sofa.
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