Kelly James-Enger

How to tell if your kids think you’re a cool mom

We spoke to kids and parents to find out what makes a mom 'cool'. Read what they had to say then take a quiz to find out just how cool you are as a parent.

The problem with hyper-connected kids in the digital age

How to know when it's time to unplug your kids and what to do with screen-less time.

How to keep your heart healthy

Ask a woman what she's worried about dying from and she's likely to say breast cancer. But it's heart disease that is the biggest killer of women.

Help your kids understand decision-making

Can you get beyond just saying no? The answer is yes.

Get over the mommy guilt

Why all the guilt? Every mom we know feels mommy guilt but that doesn't mean they are a bad mom.

Why taking risks is good for you

We caution our kids against risky behavior, but sometimes risk can be good for you.

Why sleep matters – and how to get more

You can't do much about a teething baby or a sick child, but you can make sleep a priority - and doing so can do wonders for your health.

Why We Get ‘Mom Crushes’ and What to Do About Them

It's one thing to be on Team Jacob or Team Edward, but what about the crush you get on someone you actually know say a co-worker? Is it a sign that your marriage is in trouble?

Go ahead, criticize me: Why parents need to know what they’re doing wrong

Criticism gives us insight into our own behavior and may even spur us to make positive changes in our lives — once we learn how to handle it.

Despite many failed adoption attempts, Downers Grove mom finally holds her baby girl

Writer Kelly James-Enger shares the adoption of her daughter through her journal, which included three moms who changed their mind and 18 months of trying.
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