Kate Pancero

Nov. 15, 2007

Get out and play. If you haven’t quite decided what you are going to tell Santa to get your kids this holiday season, don’t worry—we haven’t either. But a visit to this year’s Chicago Toy and Game Fair at the Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center, located at 1551 N. Thoreau Drive, Schaumburg, should give you a few grand ideas.

Nov. 1, 2007

Letter from the editor. Welcome to Chicago Parent: The Weekend E-dition. We’ve given the old E-news Update a face-lift and a new name. Our goal is to provide you and your family with fun things to do around Chicago, discounts and giveaways. If you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me, Kate Pancero, and let me know what you think.

Back-to-school gets high-tech

Some of this year’s coolest back-to-school products revolve around our technology-savvy kids.

No excuses this year

Whether your child is starting their first day of kindergarten or their first day of middle school this year, you better believe they are going to want and need a new satchel for all their things.

Make a kite

The windy city is a great place for kite flying, but what’s the fun in buying a kite when making your own is so much better.

Taking Giant Steps for autism

Like most schools, Giant Steps teaches its students independence.

Take that ‘chip’ off your shoulder

Carrying the world on your shoulders? Because our shoulders often end up carrying a majority of our tensions, here’s a

Belle & Olivia Gersole

Good cooking doesn’t always run in the family, but in the Gersole household in Evanston, it’s so good

The softer side of the Bears

The Chicago Bears are the pride of the midway, especially this season.

Sit up straight, now breathe

Basic Pilates stretches are a great way to get a start on your day. Sitting tall, cross your right leg over your left (as a lady crosses her legs). Take a deep breath and revolve your body into the right side. Alternate by crossing your left leg over your right.
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