Kate Pancero

Healthy breakfast for picky eaters

It's the most important meal of the day, but as any parent knows, getting your kids to eat a healthy breakfast isn't always easy. We'll show you how.


Celebrating the impending birth of your baby is nothing short of amazing.

Pregnant pause not necessary

Before Natalie Jachtorowyz became pregnant, she exercised six days a week. When she discovered she was expecting she wondered how her impending bundle of joy would affect her daily routine.

Movers and shakers

'Mommy and Me" classes have become increasingly popular amongst new moms as they offer plenty of baby/mommy bonding time and mommy/mommy time.

Chicago’s chocolate heaven

Chocolate’s history traces back thousands of years. And although Chicago’s history with chocolate doesn’t travel back

Shiver your timbers

Ahoy, me mateys! (That’s pirate speak for ‘hey there, folks.’) Your kids have always wanted to be a pirate,

Hit the happy trails

Strap on your boots and saddle up for a rootin’ tootin’ adventure along the dusty trails with your city-slicker kids.

Indulge your candy cravings

If your sweet tooth demands nothing less than gourmet gummies, jolly jelly beans, cheeky chocolates or perhaps

The little field that could

It’s a dream for many baseball-loving kids—and adults—to play in their home team’s ballpark, running the bases,

To catch a smelt

Oh, the wonderful smells of spring: tulips, rain and of course, a local favorite—smelt.
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