Kate Hall

10 funniest parenting tweets of the week

Oh parenting. Sometimes you just have to laugh. In order to not cry. Join Kate every first and third Friday of the month for the funniest parenting tweets of the week.

Chicago family joins worldwide Great Backyard Bird Count

Join in a worldwide research project to help scientists learn about bird populations. It's educational and fun!

Chicago mom: Mind what you say to adoptive families

Kate adopted her three children. She compiled questions and comments she's heard over the years from both well-intentioned and not so well-intentioned people in hopes that she won't ever hear them again.

Chicago mom shares her family Christmas traditions

Food, holiday decorations and advent calendars top Kate Hall's annual holiday to-do list. What holiday traditions do you loathe and what ones do you love?

Chicago family volunteers at a hen house

Volunteering at a hen house - collecting, counting and candling eggs - has proved to be a fun learning experience for Kate and her kids.

Chicago mom takes on hiking challenge with kids

Hiking in the Lake County Forest Preserve is all fun and games - until someone gets "lost."

Chicago mom: To Disney, or not to Disney, that is the question

Kate Hall and her family enjoyed their stay at a Walt Disney World resort three years ago. But for their more recent trip, they explored other accommodation options and were pleasantly surprised at how much fun they could have off Disney property.

Chicago mom: How I handled an uncomfortable (and hilarious) situation

During a hasty stop in a public restroom, Kate Hall learned firsthand the truth in the phrase "Kids say the darndest things."
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