Justina Olenick

Three photography techniques for Chicago parents to try today

Build your photo-taking confidence by practicing these fun techniques.

DIY Monogrammed Eggs: Chicago mom Pinterest fail

PInterest is full of awesome DIY craft ideas. But, as Justina recently found out, they're not all foolproof.

Chicago photography 101: How to get the best photos of your kids

Your camera's "Auto" setting can only do so much. Justina teaches you the basic camera functions you must know in order to achieve the best photos of your kids.

Finding a new perspective: Photographing your 2014 adventures in Chicago

A giggle, warm light bouncing off a sweet face, a silly dance move. THOSE are the things I wish to remember...

How to get the most out of a professional photography session in Chicago

Booking a professional photography session is a great way to capture memories of your family. Make the most of your session with these tips from Justina.

Photography tips for Chicago parents: GIMP- Adobe Photoshop Alternative

A professional photo editing program like Adobe Photoshop can easily cost you hundreds of dollars. So I went on a search for a...

Chicago mom tips: How to photograph your kids for Valentine’s Day

We take tons of photos of our kids every day, but for holidays it's nice to get a special shot or two. Try these tips from professional photographer and Chicago mom Justina Olenick for Valentine's Day!
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