Julie Liotine

Healthy eating for two

For most people, it’s hard to eat a healthy, nutritious daily diet, but for nine months, moms-to-be have to be extra cautious of what they put on their plates.

How much weight should you gain when you’re pregnant?

Getting over the baby bump is tough, but for some new mothers it’s even tougher.

See the lakefront on wheels

Biking, rollerblading and skateboarding around Chicago this summer just got better.

Get ready, get set, get corny

Who knew those delicious little yellow kernels were so versatile? Maize—better known as corn—can be a vegetable,

Smelling poison

The red straw from a can of Dust-Off was still near Kyle Williams’ mouth when his mom found him one morning.

Not just skin deep

At 14, Jennifer Hatz carved the word "hate" into her arm because that’s all she felt.

Unhealthy body image, unhealthy mind

Amanda Elliott told her mom she’d "rather die than be fat."

Not just fun and games

Ashley Rapaport was in sixth grade when she started running track. But a year later, she got hurt.

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