Jim Noonan

Pray for Me!

I'm doing it. It might cause laryngitis, diarrhea, baldness, memory loss, white rage, paranoia, uncontrollable twitches, blackouts, drooling or worse, a bear attack.

An Argument for Nice Things

It’s obvious she’s blinded by the allure of Crate and Barrel and not looking at the big picture. This stupid dish is our existence.

Death and the City

"Oh we're going to see that." She says looking over her shoulder just in time to see me cup a hand over my mouth and swallow my dinner… again!

The Shape of Dough

Labeled as a 90 day fitness routine that was guaranteed to transform your body into that of a Greek God/Goddess, there was no way I could fail.

Lucy & The Fly

A little less than a week from her fourth birthday, I bring you the story of how it all began...

From Lucy’s Lips III

I'm a good cook!

You Better Recognize

I refuse… flat out refuse to blame Cathy, my loving wife, for her crude assumption, lack of couth, class and respect toward a dedicated husband who after close to one year has painstakingly acquired all the finite skills necessary to be called a...

The No-Panty Nanny

I'd really like to say this is a story about chipmunks, ice cream and teddy bears, but it's not. It's about parenting, and the fact that I just can't leave well-enough alone.

The Week Of

LBN’s new semi-regular feature about the things, thoughts and conundrums overheard during the course of a week. Otherwise a bunch of small instances that are good enough to mention, but didn’t necessarily deserve a whole story.


It all happened so quickly! I wasn’t trying to prove a point; I wasn’t even trying to show off. In fact, I couldn’t give you one good reason why I was standing on the chair, especially since I’d been screaming at Lucy for the past few weeks to stop standing on the furniture.
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