Jill S. Browning

Celebrations with style

Michele Reiter of Chicago might be a novice when it comes to taking care of a baby (she’s just days away from giving birth to her first), but she’s an expert when it comes to attending baby showers. She’s honored many women throughout the years in the "ladies-only" shower fashion.

Babies need tummy time

Tyler Roney recently was mistaken for a superhero. The 15-month-old from Tinley Park was out shopping with his mom,

Playing it safe

One spring day, my daughter ate a wild mushroom in our backyard.

Should parents drink in front of the kids?

Dear Pragmatic Parent: I’ve been invited to a "happy hour play date"

A mother’s secret strength

Life before cancer for the Johnsons was filled with vacations together, corny jokes and mundane errands

Nurturing the no-nonsense way

Dear Pragmatic Parent: My husband and I have two daughters, ages 6 and 4. They’re both in ballet class, and my older

Parenting with (your) personality

The quintessential mother is fun, calm and kind, with unlimited patience and impeccable organizational skills ... right?

Respect can be learned at any school

DEAR PRAGMATIC PARENT: I have 2-year-old twins and have been researching preschools in the city. There seems to be a lot of competition for private ones, and the ones offered through the public schools are extremely variable. I'm not sure how crazy I should go applying to different places.
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