Jerry Davich

‘We’ll see you in heaven’

On the evening of April 5, Justin Allen Wier rushed into this world earlier than expected,

Happy kids begin with happy parents

Children don’t come with an owner’s manual, instruction book or extended warranty,

The most dysfunctional & dangerous

Marcus* arrived here 39 days ago for a drug-related offense.

Bulletproof backpacks?

As a moment of silence ended at a safety summit this summer, Rich Arredondo dropped a bombshell on the group of local educators, social workers, a Chicago police officer, an alderman’s aide and representatives of Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy, CAPS.

‘It’s a child taken from all of us’

U.S. Rep. Danny Davis is convinced that the epidemic of child murders in the Chicago area since last school year is a reflection of larger socioeconomic problems.

What’s been done to help trigger change?

A city-wide "Gun-Turn-In" event in July recovered more than 6,700 guns from residents, no questions asked, no charges filed.

‘We have no political courage’

Shot in the head. Stabbed in the neck. Shot in the back. Beaten to death. Shot in the chest.

‘It’s any parent’s worst nightmare’

Rita Sallie sprinted to her little girl at the neighborhood playground. Through her sobs, Sallie heard her daughter struggle to breathe as police created a barricade around the bloody crime scene.

The war at home

A world away, as war rages in Iraq, the rampant violence steals the nation’s attention. Yet here at home children are fighting their own battle: To live.
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