Jerry Davich

‘Hamilton’ star and his wife focus on hope while raising awareness for epilepsy

Miguel Cervantes takes his shot for his daughter, Adelaide.

Beyond sad: Lessons from 13 Reasons Why

In the U.S., someone dies by suicide about every 11.89 minutes.

It’s all perspective

Look no farther than your child's smile

How to survive a dual diagnosis

Tips for staying strong in your search for answers

Remembering the youngest victims of congenital heart defects

A Chicago area mom's crusade to mend broken hearts.

A day in the life of parents of children with autism

The Zdanky family just takes life one hour at a time.

Unique program at Lurie Children’s Hospital providing answers

Sexual development disorders are seen in up to 1 in 4,500 babies. Now, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago is helping to provide answers to their families' questions.

Chicago mom finds son’s behavior isn’t what everyone thinks

Connor was on the verge of self-destruction, until a dentist took a look at his noisy breathing problem.

Chicago dad realizes he must change his life or die

Jack O'Donnell knew his life needed to change. It was realizing he was slowly killing himself and might not be around to see his children grow up that finally got him moving--literally.
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