Jenny Kales

Does my baby have food allergies?

Food allergies seem more common than ever. So how do you know if your baby has one?

Organizing school parties around food allergies

Food allergies in the classroom often are the cause of confusion, worry and controversy among parents of both allergic and nonallergic students. Sweet ideas Looking for...

Special needs and allergies are a balancing act for Chicago families

Severe food allergies can be life-threatening, bringing an added risk to a child who already copes with other physical or developmental issues.

Use the car ride to talk to your kids

When I start driving with my kids, the car becomes part coffee klatch, part confessional, part philosophy seminar.

Classrooms can be minefield for kids with food allergies

Peanut butter snacks, almond cookies, milk at lunch time: Classrooms can be dangerous for kids with food allergies. Here are 5 tips from the woman behind the"Nut-Free Mom" blog.
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