Jennifer Wheeler Wood

New school year, old IEP

Simple ideas to make this year a big success.

3 IEP tips you can use right now

The key to a successful IEP meeting is being ready, calm, informed and prepared.

Former gourmet food-loving Chicago mom finds inspiration with new meal delivery service

Cooking healthy meals for a large family takes some work. Add in three years of law school and it becomes near impossible. Enter to save the day.

Chicago mom finds joy in literal words of her three sons with autism

Jennifer Woods, mom of three boys with autism, enjoys her sons' literal outlook on life.

Chicago mom of seven graduates from law school

Jennifer Wheeler Wood hopes her degree will give her the tools to help families with special needs children.

My son is smarter than me, and that’s a good thing

Jennifer Wheeler Wood is being schooled by her son but that's just fine with her.

Saying goodbye to the family dog

Reflecting on Bella's life before illness, and her permanent mark on the family's lives.

Special needs stepdad gets what he signed up for: Love, learning and laughter

The first time I knew my husband was going to be more than just your average stepdad to my three special needs children was three years ago when my oldest son lost his "transition item"-a small, rubber toy bat from Halloween many months before. He ca

Family, special needs and love

People call us the Brady Bunch, plus one, but we have one thing the Bradys never had kids with special needs.
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