Jennifer DuBose

Get your family in shape

Kick off 2012 by taking stock in your family's life. Columnist Jennifer DuBose provides the tips to get you started.

Make things easier on yourself

Jennifer DuBose with some great tips on working together, communicating and having fun with your kids.

Dealing with your child’s first crush

A child's first crush is scary and exciting. Help them navigate through it by following their lead.

Every parent’s refrain: Why can’t they just get along?

How we nurture the bond between our children can have a big impact on whether that relationship lasts long after they've grown up.

Fostering friendships: Good for you, good for the kids

Friendship enhances self-esteem, helps kids adjust to social and academic demands at school and diminishes their vulnerability to negative peer pressure and unhealthy attachments

What to tell your kids when Alzheimer’s strikes

Alzheimer's is scary stuff, but adults are not the only ones affected. Children who love someone with Alzheimer's need information and reassurance, the sooner the better.

When it comes to family matters, stop and think before acting

The message you send when you ask for time to think about another person’s perspective— whether it’s your child’s or another adult’s—is that you’re willing to carefully consider it.

A Mom’s New Year’s Resolutions

I’m not a big fan of making New Year’s resolutions. I suspect this is because I know I’m a slacker – and won’t keep them.

Letting our kids just be for a while

So what if others with Ivy League aspirations for their children are racing to beef up their preschoolers' resumes? I have a hunch there's a better way to grow a well-rounded child.

How to avoid tantrums before they start and go drama-free

Eliminate the drama from your child's anxious moments and turn them into opportunities to learn how to self-soothe through later crises.
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