Jennifer DuBose

Just a little off the top

The surest tip-off that times-are-a-changin’ was this simple statement: "Mom, I need a new comb,"

Second baby blues

Cradling my newborn should have brought me nothing but joy, right?

It’s OK to make mistakes (really)

My son, Noah, greeted me waving a half-eaten drumstick in one hand and a chubby fistful of steak fries in the other.

Splash into Amish country

Looking for a novel spring break destination this year? Consider taking a three-hour drive from Chicago


I was dozing on the couch, doing some last-minute channel surfing before surrendering the TV to my 9-year-old son,

Fear hypocrisy when giving ‘the talk’? Don’t

A reader responding to my August 2008 column, "The talk got you worried?"

Beat the holiday blues

The lights are twinkling, the cinnamon is wafting and your children’s cheeks are rosy with anticipation, so why do you feel so darned blue?

Find time to relax for yourself and your kids

If you’ve been a parent for more than a nano-second, you’ve probably had a moment like this:

Let kids explore their own interests

Your kids are back to school and new extracurricular activities, but by now the shine may have worn off more than just their new Buster Browns. A reader faced with the same quandary wonders what to do after her daughter begged for guitar lessons:

Talking about substance abuse

We’ve heard a lot in recent months about underage drinking and the consequences to parents who allow it to occur in their homes.
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