Jennifer DuBose

Fairy godmother won’t help

Planning to take your brood to the Magic Kingdom for spring break?

All parents are superstars

My son used to call me a superstar. He was 5. I’d reached the ‘superstar’ level of the online version of Wheel of Fortune

A cautionary tail

Considering adding a dog to your family? Go for it, but be warned: A dog will steal your heart, your shoes and

Understanding financial baggage

Our "First State Quarters of the United States" Collector’s Map may never recover from my looting of the colonies,

How to best work with your child’s teacher

Parent-teacher conferences can be daunting, especially for the uninitiated.

There’s more to a bully than meets the eye

My son’s first encounter with a bully happened while he was still in diapers, when another 2-year-old shoved him

Moving with kids

We were surrounded by boxes. Some had already seen active duty in more than their fair share of moves

Summer camp: a rite of passage

I told Noah about the Vaseline on the toilet seat. And about putting conditioner in the shampoo

Six Flags on a budget

A day spent at an amusement park can make your wallet feel like it’s taken one spin too many

Loving and learning as a parent

I became a parent a whole decade ago. A few blunders later,
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