Jennifer DuBose

How to handle your child’s first relationship

A reader asks for advice on how to deal with bad behavior from her son's first girlfriend.

Divorced dad seeks advice on saving relationship with son

After divorce, a war of words can leave children confused about who is "right".

Get that ohm feeling

Meditation with the whole family could be the way to relaxation.

Want intuitive kids? Empower them

Children's intuition is in the news these days. In the first of two parts, parenting expert Jennifer DuBose explores the phenomenon and how to encourage kids' budding natural intuition.

Good parenting advice: Pause and say nothing

Family and marriage therapist Jennifer DuBose says sometimes saying nothing in certain circumstances really works. Try it and see what happens.

Parenting isn’t for sissies: Fathers matter

Pop culture often portrays fathers as bumbling, or simply not important. Jennifer DuBose says fathers matter - and mothers should let them.

Trust your mother intuition

Parenting Isn't for Sissies columnist Jennifer DuBose has some advice for new and experienced mothers: Be careful what advice you listen to. In other words, trust your intuition.

Listening to your children

The first step to good parenting is listening. The second is seeing your child for who he or she is, not who you want them to be.

Get a handle on extreme emotions

Ever been so upset about something that you came home and overreacted to a relatively minor incident? When this heightened state of arousal is left unchecked, it can 'leak' into other areas of our lives. There are many things we can do to minimize its negative effects.

Love is real work

Love takes work and sacrifice. Is it worth the effort? Yes, it is!
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