Jasmine Jafferali

Chicago mom bids farewell to social media, for now

This mom wants more time to really experience her life and be there for her family without the time-suck she feels social media has become.

Five scary facts about sugar

Reasons to think twice about all the sugar you consume (sometimes even unintentionally) every day.

How to make sure your kids eat a healthy breakfast

Forget the cereal. With a little pre-planning the night before, kids can eat a yummy breakfast that will help them learn and behave better.

How to find the right multivitamins for your kids

Dig out your vitamins and check the labels to avoid synthetic vitamins.

Chicago mom says awareness of depression must extend to our veterans

Robin Williams' suicide is bringing depression and anxiety into the daily discussion, but this mom wants people to also remember that one group in particular is suffering in silence.

Chicago mom determined to fight crime in her neighborhood

Jasmine Jafferali has decided she will not be a victim and is helping to organize self-defense classes. Plus, she wants others to know their voices can make a difference.

Chicago mom: I was almost mugged

This mom notices that more people are looking down, rather than up. Herself included. Now she promises to be more aware of her surroundings.

Easy tips to keep dad healthy

Eating well is the cornerstone of preventing disease and vitality. Jasmine shares some power foods that dads should eat to fight cancers, supercharge their energy and protect them from prostate cancer.

The best diet for Chicago parents? The one that works

Don't fall for convenience or crazy diet claims when trying to change the way you and your family eat. Healthy Jasmine shares some tips to avoid pitfalls.

Healthy Jasmine’s favorite gluten-free products in Chicago

Over the eight-plus years she's been gluten-free, Jasmine Jafferali has tried a lot of products with both good and bad results. In honor of Celiac Awareness Month, she shares her top picks.
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