Jackie Berger

Schoolhouse Rock Live! – A rockin’ show for Chicago kids

Schoolhouse Rock Live!,” presented by the Marriott Theatre for Young Audiences in Lincolnshire, will entice parents who fondly recall "Conjunction Junction . . . what's your function?" and the little kids in their lives.

The toy takeover: Chicago family’s home overrun by toys

Kids come with a lot of stuff. Then the toys move in. Jackie Berger is considering a purge of her own stuff to make more room for her boys' toys.

Chicago mom: Raising a child is easy if you’re someone who has never had one

Jackie Berger knows all too well how easy it is to criticize how some moms raise their kids. And then she had kids.

Chicago family learns lesson from too much chlorine in the hotel pool

Jackie Berger takes her family on a two-night trip to escape the winter. Her husband is a classic overpacker, but they were without the one thing they needed.

Chicago mom: How I taught my son to be a gracious loser

An important lesson for kids: In all things games and sports, somebody's got to lose. When it comes to preschool games, that somebody isn't always going to be mommy.
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