Heather Earnhart

One CPS mom’s response to the announced Chicago school closings

This has been the most depressing spring break ever. My son's school is closing.

Chicago Park District registration day success

What makes some city moms happy? Getting the classes they want when the park district opens online registration.

Winter in Chicago: Please, Phil, be right

Heather Earnhart kicks off the return of our ChiTown Parent blog, a compiliation of thoughts from city parents living the dream.

March Madness and the Race to Nowhere

Heather Earnhart is outraged at our education system's emphasis on quantity versus quality. And she is encouraging parents to do something about it.

Watching our turkey grow

Heather Earnhart is thankful for the opportunity to teach her kids where turkeys (and other food) comes from - the farm.

What back-to-school really means

Sure there's sadness when the kids leave for school, but all that is erased when you think about all the things you can finally do ... such as peeing in private.

Turning forty … forever

I finally turned 40, and now I find myself wondering about what I want for my children in the next 10 years, what life will look like at 50, and what to wear now that I've reached the big four-o?

Chicago school says: “No kids allowed at graduation: Huh?

It never crossed my mind to ask if my 3-year old would be allowed to attend his sister's kindergarten graduation. Boy, was that a bad move.

Parents as “potty mouths”: Watching my language around the kids

If his reputation as a Potty Mouth is well-earned, I wonder how Mayor Emanuel talks around his kids. What about you? Do you watch your language around your kids?

Chicago, the “Second City”? Never

New York is top-notch in its family friendliness, IF you know what you're doing - and it doesn't hurt to throw some sidewalk chalk and an inflatable ball in your suitcase.
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