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Stop whatever you’re doing and write a Valentine for the patients at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago

Drop whatever you're doing right now and take less than a minute to actually do something special for someone on Valentine's Day. Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago is collecting Valentine's Day cards to hand out to all of its little patients and to decorate the walls of the hospital with some caring messages.

Chicago company creates Lego set of “Breaking Bad meth lab

Chicago-based toy company Citizen Brick has created a custom Lego set wholly not suitable for your children. It's a meth lab. But not just any meth lab. It's the Superlab in the basement of Gus's industrial laundry facility.

Tooth Fairy now paying an average of $3.70 per tooth

The price for baby teeth is on the rise. Just let that sink in for a second so you can be prepared for the next bit of information. The national average paid per tooth ... $3.70.

Zoo babies: Brookfield Zoo welcomes new Snow Leopard cub

In the category of "Animals we'd totally adopt if it were legal" Brookfield Zoo's Snow Lepoard cub ranks right up there with the baby sloth bears and the Moholi bushbaby.

Chicago’s cutest kid models

There we were, browsing the online craft site Etsy for a set of matching handmade hats for our web department, we came across this...

Point/Counterpoint: Are Muppets actually monsters?

I always thought the monster part was superfluous, the same way I assumed the Count as a vampire never posed any real danger. He could have been named Cookie Fanatic and it would have conveyed the same meaning, it just wouldn’t have been as catchy.

Why Lollapalooza makes me want to have kids

Hipster/punk/alternative babies and kids are the cutest thing ever. The spray-painted hair, gelled and spiked into mohawks, and rub-on tattoos and ratty t-shirts from their (or, more likely, their parents') favorite band are just adorable.

10 Tips on packing for summer camp

Be prepared to lose everything you send to camp except your kid.

Navigating the maze of school supplies

Children will go from preschool to pre-calc to premed all too fast for a parent's comfort. That passage is marked in many ways, but each August it can be defined by school supplies. As the years progress, children go from crayons to markers to colored pencils, from safety scissors to pointed scissors to Exacto knives.
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