Gloria Mitchell

Bonding over books

Moms and girls find being involved in mother-daughter book clubs give them a chance to connect beyond the book

Illinois railway museum puts train-crazy kids in the conductors seat

There’s nothing like the toot of a train whistle to put you in the mood for adventure, and the Illinois Railway Museum in Union offers just the ticket.

Horseback riding around Chicago: How to get started in the saddle

Saddle up at one of these stables, just a short drive outside the city limits and the perfect place to tap into Chicago's pioneer roots.

Do you really need hand sanitizer?

Do constant applications of hand sanitizer promote better health? Maybe not, a new study shows. Will you slather anyway?

Pamper yourself on a budget and get some true holiday relaxation

After shelling out for holiday presents, decorations and food, you may not have $200 left over to drop on a day at the spa. But you and your kids can enjoy a relaxing afternoon together by creating a spa experience at home.

Hit the ski trails across Cook County this winter

With its beautifully landscaped parks and sparkling lakefront, Chicago is well suited to its motto of Urbs in Horto, "city in a garden."...

Keeping fun simple in Michigan City, Indiana

My daughters ran, rolled and bounced down the sandy face of the dune all the way to the beach, then climbed back up so they could roll down again. “I could do this all day!” the oldest exclaimed.

Get hooked on fishing this summer

Urban fishing? Yep, it's a real thing, and it's happening all over Chicago this summer. Get hooked!
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