Gillian Marchenko

A special needs birthday party can be done right

Ten easy-to-incorporate ideas that help make your child's birthday party a party to remember.

7 steps to keep your sanity when advocacy is overwhelming

Break your efforts down into smaller steps when things seem like they are getting out of your control.

5 tips to help children with special needs feel comfortable at your holiday party

Though its easier to stay home rather than worrying about meltdowns and explanations when you have a child with special needs, dont. Show these tips to the host or hostess of the next holiday party to make the night a success for everyone.

10 things special needs parents wish you knew

Small gestures can help in big ways.

7 ways to help your child with special needs start the school year on a positive note

Writer Gillian Marchenko shares some tips for a successful school year with your special needs child.

Chicago mom advises parents of children with special needs to trust their instinct

When it comes to therapy, it isn't one size fits all. Here's how to make therapy work for your family.

Five things friends and family can do after a special needs diagnosis

Your friend or family member just received a special needs diagnosis for their child. Your support is needed more than ever right about now.

5 things to do after you receive a special needs diagnosis

When the doctor finishes his evaluation and tells you what he think might be wrong with your child, don't turn immediately to your cellphone for the 'real' answers.
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