Fred Koch

Jim Gill: A Chicago treasure

"Music Play For Folks of All Stripes" is Gill's sixth recording for young children. And you four chances to catch him in the Chicago area before Thanksgiving!

Producer Ted Jacobs sets poetry to music for kids’ ears

Many have tried to put classic verse to compose music, but none has done it with the style, sensitivity and emotion found on two re-releases from producer Ted Jacobs.

Music | Make sure your kids know the classics

It's our job as parents to make sure our children are well versed in the classics of children’s music. Long after the latest music superstar has faded, these gems will continue to shine.

Don’t miss The Verve Pipe’s new work

If you're a fan of The Verve Pipe’s “adult” music, the group's new family album won't disappoint.

Sones de Mexico Ensemble brings south-of-the-border sounds to Chicago schools

Sones de Mexico Ensemble, a native Chicago group, offers a showcase of traditional and classic Mexican folk songs in its newest release.

25th anniversary compilations not to miss

Music For Little People will commemorate this milestone by releasing a series of CD compilations throughout the year.

World music brings great jazz to kids

One of America’s finest exports - jazz music - is perfect for broadening kids' cultural horizons.

Kid Culture | Best music of the season

Music reviewer Fred Koch sifts through the best of the holiday's CD releases.

Kid Culture | Music

No question about it, they aregiants. "Here Comes Sience," the newest children's music release from Brooklyn's international rock legends, They Might Be Giants,...

Fabulous music for families

Three new CDs worth checking out this month for your family.
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