Erin Skibinski

Chicago mom sets New Year routines, not resolutions

Erin realized that in order to have a successful new year she needed to forget about making resolutions and focus on planning more and creating new routines.

A Chicago mom’s love/hate relationship with family portraits

Every year Erin wonders why she tortures herself with the planning and executing of the Skibinski holiday family portrait. Then, the photos come, and she falls in love with family portrait day all over again.

Chicago mom: I said I’d never be THAT mom

Would your younger self be completely embarrassed by the mom you are today? Erin embraces being "that mom." But you'll never catch her in mom jeans!

Chicago mom: Learning to count my blessings

The time between Halloween and Thanksgiving is a strange tug-o-war time for Erin, simultaneously pulling her back to the past and toward the future. Slowly, she's learning to take a few moments to enjoy what this time of year is really about.

Chicago mom: Snack baskets make eating healthy a no-brainer

Erin Skibinski was forced to rethink snack time after her go-to treat - Goldfish crackers - just didn't cut it anymore with her kids.

Chicago mom: Just when I thought I had this parenting thing down

Confident in all things parenting, Erin Skibinski makes everything work in her family like a well-oiled machine. Until now, when she's faced with a task that challenges many parents: Filling out all of the school forms.
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