Ericka L. Polanco Webb

What Kamala Harris Being Vice President Means for My Family

"It means finally seeing glimpses of ourselves in 'We The People.'"

Should You Use Special Needs or Disabilities?

Picking your child’s label.

Life as a Black SAHM in Suburbia

'When you see a Black mama who happens to be a SAHM, don’t treat her as if she doesn’t belong.'

8 Indoor Activities Perfect for Kids of All Abilities

Ideas to try while social distancing.

How to make tube feedings more social

Mealtime should not be just another task in the day.

Steps to secure your child’s financial future

Special needs makes planning especially important

Seeing a future for kids with special needs

More programs are helping parents look ahead with hope.

Building a special mom tribe

Cultivating community within the intricacies of parenthood can be daunting. Parents of children with special needs are especially in a complex paradox because they...

How to create a sensory room in your home

Simple ideas your child will love, but won't break the bank

10 inclusive playplaces everyone will love

These spots are made for everyone in the family.
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