Dr. Lisa Thornton

Helping your kids break bad habits

Biting, thumb sucking and nose picking can be hard habits to break. Often, parents get frustrated and don't know where to start. ...

Illinois whooping cough outbreak among highest in nation

This highly contagious infection is spreading quickly across the United States, especially with 7-10 year olds.

Tips to avoid choking

There are plenty of ways to prepare food to reduce the risk of your child choking.

The ins and outs of thongs for girls

Can some clothing be bad for your child’s health? In the case of thong underwear, the answer is absolutely yes.

Tips to be safe in the sun

Should you buy SPF 100? Waterproof? And how often should you really reapply the kids' sunscreen? Dr. Lisa Thornton has the answers for you in this month's Health Matters.

Probiotics and prebiotics: Do they work?

Popular media pushes probiotics and prebiotics. Our health columnist Dr. Lisa Thornton says that scientists are starting to see the claims are largely true.

Baby fever? Don’t delay!

Parents should call their doctor if the infant's temperature is 100.5 degrees or more in either location.

Urinary Tract Infections in Children

How to know if your child has a urinary tract infection.

The common cold is way too common

Plenty of fluids, rest and lots of TLC are just what the doctor orders for the common cold.

Build a great relationship with your child’s doctor

Knowing your pediatrician well -- and letting your doc know you and your children well -- will help you get the best possible care possible.
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