Diana Xin

School’s out

Preparing for a baby takes time and for many busy parents-to-be, time is in short supply.

Show just for kids with autism

Specialized shows help expose children with autism to the theater.

A day on Devon

Take a walk down Devon Avenue starting at Western Avenue

Play that packs more than a punch

What’s a good way to teach discipline? How about letting your kids throw left hooks and 13-punch combinations at their friends? With the Chicago Park District’s boxing program, kids train hard and play hard as they learn about commitment, discipline and confidence.

Jump right in

Jumping rope used to be a solitary sport—rhythmic and just a tad repetitive. No longer. Limp ropes swing into perfectly paired arches with the Illinois Double Dutch League where kids jump with hands, feet and everything they’ve got.

Help your kids give others a hand

Volunteering as a family makes a wonderful holiday tradition, but finding the best experience for your family might take some planning. Susan Norris, vice president of the volunteer center at chicagovolunteer.net, offers these tips:

Full heart, empty arms

The babies are everywhere. They scream on the train, cry on the plane.

Rubber band fun

Paper airplanes are old hat compared to the cars in Mike Rigsby’s Amazing Rubber Band Cars.

A new way to celebrate

Balloons, $1.50. Ice cream cake, $20. The rented room, DJ or clown …?

Running wild at Imagination Caf

You might not give your kids espresso, but you can let them hang out all night at the Imagination Café.
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