Devin Hester

Devin Hester goes to Wonderland Express

The Hesters hit the Wonderland Express at the Chicago Botanic Garden to get that holiday feeling. Hurry, it closes Jan. 1.

Chicago for the holidays

Devin Hester gets to play Santa Claus this season - and visit some very cool places with little Devin.

Devin Hester goes to LEGOLAND

The Hesters headed to LEGOLAND for the first time last month.

Football pursuits in Chicago toy stores

Devin Hester and his son, Devin Jr., head out on a quest to find, of all things, a toddler size football.

Devin Hester and son head down to the farm

With Devin Jr. having such an interest in animals, we thought we’d try something new and took him to Fair Oaks Farms in Fair Oaks, Ind.

Devin Hester and son visit Wrigleyville, Wiggly Field

Devin is so into dogs right now so my wife and I took Devin down to a little dog park near Wrigley Field called Wiggly Field.

Devin Hester and son stroll Chicago’s lakefront

One thing we really enjoy doing with Devin is walking along the lake on Lakeshore Drive. You see the entire world go by, and Devin points to just about everything in his sight.

Devin Hester and son hit up Chicago’s animal kingdoms

Little Devin is still pretty little, so we're sort of limited on things we can do, but one thing he's into big time right now is animals.

Devin Hester’s debut: Hangin’ with Devin

Chicago Bear and devoted dad Devin Hester debuts his monthly column, heading out on the town with his 1-year-old tot in tow.

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