David Wallach

Star Wars: The Force Awakens will create a new generation of fans

A non-Star Wars fanatic gets an early peek at the new movie and comes away a bigger fan.

Stay-at-home Chicago dad: Transitioning back to work

When blogger David went back to work, he had to remember that no matter what, he'll always be Dad All Day.

Drones 101: The highs and lows of this year’s most unique toy

Drones are this generations' remote control cars and airplanes. Chicago dad David tested five popular models for holiday gift consideration.

NiceRink brings ice rinks to your own backyard

When you can't make it out to an ice rink this winter, let the ice rink come to you!

Guys night out for dads and sons: Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus

Have a little boy who looking for some one-on-one time with dad? The circus makes for a great guys night out.

Dairy farming: An honest profession of skill and passion

Chicago dad David was recently asked whether or not he'd want his son to become a dairy farmer. His answer surprised even himself.

Chicago soccer dad: Over aggressive parents ruin kids’ sports

Parents at kids' sporting events who are mean and belittling toward refs and other players take the fun out of the game for everyone.

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