Courtney Everette

Chicago’s Lil Kickers has converted this sports-hating mama

With the help of an adorable size 2T jersey and the uneven thuds of toddler feet stampeding towards the goal, I became a full fledged member of the soccer mom squad.

A trip to Chicago’s 57th Street/Hyde Park Art Fair with baby in tow

Last weekend we managed to knock an item off of our summer bucket list: our first outdoor summer festival!

The family car: Flashy or functional?

My son is not a happy car rider. And our car - with no DVD player or entertainment console - doesn't help.

My name is Courtney and I’m a judgmental mom … and a judged mom

When I’ve had a bad momming day, being able to say, “well, at least I don’t do THAT” brings a brief moment of relief from the constant uncertainty of whether I’m playing this parenting game the right way. But that doesn't make it right. It's too easy to judge.

Why Chicago’s low voter turnout is bad for our kids

We chose to raise our son in Woodlawn because we care deeply about the community, and Tuesday's election reminds me that not everyone does.

My attempt at homemade cloth diapers

Yeah, that’s right. I spent four hours making something my kid is going to intentionally poop in. That’s dedication.

Meeting the Bloggers: Courtney

Get to know Courtney, whose coming plans include making cloth diapers, introducing her 17-month-old to soccer and (gasp!) turning 30.
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