Christy Bonstell

Advice from the pros on putting intimacy back in your relationship

Relationship experts weigh in on the importance of physical and emotional intimacy, and how to keep it alive.

Seven playful ways to flirt with your spouse

Remember flirting? Back in the day you were the master of the hair flip, the eye bat or the smooth one-liner. Then, time...

Two Chicago dads get a style makeover

Haircuts, wardrobe changes and a little bit of attitude give these dads full style makeovers.

A+ for learning

Despite popular favor in years past, the theory of learning styles isn't the best way to encourage children to learn. Rather, adapting to each child's best abilities is key to success.

Combining stand-up comedy with parenting

It's possible to juggle a life on stage with raising kids. We talked to four stand-up comics about how they incorporate everything into their lives.

Cultivate a bond with your labor nurse

Get the best care by bonding with your nurses and doctors.

Everything you need to know about C-sections

You may think a Cesarean won’t happen to you, but with the rising rates of Cesarean birth no one can be totally sure.

What to expect from baby, mom, partner and friends when you bring a newborn home

You've read the books. You've stocked the room. Here's what to expect from everyone involved in bringing home baby.

Teaching your kids to be good sports and graceful losers

It can be tough to see that defeated look on your child's face as you drive home from a losing game.

Tips for getting your newborn to sleep

How to get your baby to sleep so the whole family can enjoy a full night of rest.
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