Christopher Garlington

What happens when a family goes without technology for a day?

Christopher Garlington forewarned his wife and kids the Internet would be down for a day. That didn't stop the hysteria that ensued.

Chicago dad’s heart-melting conversations with his kids

Christopher Garlington has been waiting for a chance to share his wisdom with his kids. Problem is, they're not interested!

For Chicago Dad parenting means learning how to fall off a horse

Being a dad can mean galloping outside your comfort zone.

Chicago dad struggles with special dietary needs of his mini food snobs

Being a stay-at-home dad can be hard. Being a stay-at-home dad who cooks for a houseful of mini food critics, though, can be make a man run screaming from the kitchen.

Chicago dad takes his kids shark diving

Mix a little homemade rum, hot Gulf of Mexico temps, a family from Chicago who is afraid of the water and circling sharks and you get a hilarious glimpse into the life of this dad.

When grandpa takes a Chicago girl fishing

Strange things happen when the kids go to visit their grandparents in Alabama.

Chicago dad shares his potty problems

How many bathrooms does a house need? More than three, apparently. Christopher Garlington shares a peek inside his crazy life as it revolves around the potty.

Laughing when the life lesson teaches itself

I bought my son an airsoft pistol so he could play with his cousins. But I think next time he'll choose a book instead.

Chicago dad takes on a tree and loses

When it comes to out-of-this-world TV access, Chicago's funny dad Christopher Garlington believes a 300-year-old maple shouldn't stand in his way.

When profanity shows up in your child’s schoolwork

There were a few problems with my daughter's creative writing essay. Problems with big capital F's.

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