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Should we feed Santa healthier snacks this holiday?

Give Santa the gift of lower cholesterol this holiday.

Raspberry Blackberry Greek Yogurt Ice Pops

A quick and easy summer treat the kids will love!

Fat fib? Research now says you need a little saturated fat in your diet

Did the low fat diet message we've starting back in the 1970s have the unintended consequence of Americans becoming overweight?

Ideas for healthy, fun school lunches for kids

Think kids won't eat salad for lunch? Or lunches should have 'kid food'? CP's nutrition expert dispels some myths about brown bag lunches.

How Chicago moms can get their mojo back

When the demands of motherhood take their toll, turn your attention to nutrient-rich foods.

New food labels will help families make healthier choices

New labels will make it easier for shoppers to identify what's in food before they buy.

Why Chicago parents should add some color to their diets

Spring should mean just a more colorful wardrobe. Use the pretty days as motivation to eat the colors of the rainbow.

Nation’s nutrition experts want kids to know eating right tastes good

March is National Nutrition Month and this year's theme nutrition education campaign centers around taste.

Meal help for busy Chicago parents

Make your food do double duty, plus other ideas to change up dinner.

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