Chris Thomas

Your international passport guide to Chicago

Travel around the world without leaving the city!

5 unique road trip destinations for families

Road tripping to greatness.

Take a day trip in the name of theater

First Stage in Milwaukee makes the perfect day-trip destination.

5 ways to hold on to summer

The air may be getting crisper but we're stuck in a summer state of mind.

Chicago families stay and play in Two Rivers, Wisconsin

Fantastic beach + kid-friendly attractions + close to home = a weekend getaway that's fun for the whole family.

Home away from home: 4 camp sites for beginners

These nearby camp grounds are perfect for first-time campers.

The best camping sites within a 90-minute drive of Chicago

Have an itch to sleep under the stars and get some fresh air with the family? These are your best, and most convenient, bets.

Take a John Deere-themed road trip

Kids love tractors and getting out on the land. This road trip is perfect for your little farmer.
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