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Dreaming for Charlie

When doctors diagnosed Charlie Creedon with autism about 13 years ago, he was the 1 in 10,000.


Pleschette Davis-Moore clearly remembers the "poor you" look the ultrasound technician gave her before hurrying to get the doctor who’d only say he saw birth defects before sending her away.

Company’s coming

Wondering how to prepare your guest room for the holidays? Susan Maxwell, one of Chicago's most sought-after interior designers, has a few simple, inexpensive ideas that will make your guests' stay memorable long after they've returned home. 

Mattel recalls Polly Pocket playsets

Mattel, along with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, voluntarily recalled 4.4 million Polly Pocket

Stop, look and listen

Ten tipsWhen my daughter Emma started third grade, she got off the bus most days with tears in her eyes.

Which pet for us?

Dogs, YES: Loyal and loving, these social animals thrive on being upstanding members of their family "packs."

Splish, splash (and so close to home)

Few things bring a smile to a kid’s face faster than splashing around in warm water—especially when it’s still chilly outside.

Children, not disabilities

For families with children who have special needs, there's so much more to their lives than what appears on the surface.

These kids know rock ‘n’ roll

Ten-year-old Luke Sangerman has been playing the drums since he was 5,
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