Cecilia Cannon

Easy home improvement projects every Chicago family should do

With spring's arrival, our homes need a little TLC. Cecilia shares her top 10 projects. What's on your list?

Brass is back in a big way in Chicago home decorating

Erase any misconceptions you may have about "the poor man's gold." Brass is making a comeback and Cecilia is telling you how to show it off right.

Chicago weekend pick: Estate sale hunting

You'll be amazed at the treasures you can find at estate sales. Cecilia tries to hit up one (or two) as often as she can.

Chicago mom: To pierce or not to pierce baby ears?

Ear piercing can stir up a lot of debate among parents of girls. Do you make the choice to have your baby's ears pierced or do you wait for her to make that decision herself once she's older?

Chicago DIY: Repurposed printers drawer

Stray Legos can be the bane of any mom's existence. Cecilia Cannon shares an easy way to repurpose an antique printers drawer to make the perfect home for Lego men.
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