Cathy Cassani Adams

How do you handle the unexpected?

Letting go can be difficult. It's a practice Cathy is still learning to master.

Chicago parenting expert says kids hold the real answers

When Cathy Adams was reading a parenting book, her young daughter had her own ideas on how to parent.

Chicago mom asks: Are your kids really ungrateful?

Fed up with the kids' less-than-grateful response or complaints about the efforts you put in to make them happy? Cathy has a few thoughts to share.

How to raise capable kids in Chicago

Sometimes we hold too tightly to an outdated way of helping our kids, says this author and mom. There is a better way.

Parenting means rethinking relaxation

Gone are the lazy days when you could nap when you wanted or chill in front of the TV. Even though the little ones in your life need the majority of your time and attention, don't put relaxation on the back burner.

The most important relationship tool for Chicago parents: Self love

Your choice to put yourself last only decreases what you have to give to your children, partner and friends so make this the month you really start loving yourself.

How to have a relationship with your child as they grow

As much as we might wish our babies would stay babies, they do have to grow up. Making sure your relationship evolves and grows with them.

Help your kids by talking less, accepting more

Kids want to know that you are present when they feel overwhelmed, but set aside your urge to teach.

Advice to use this month: Help your kids practice bravery

What is bravery? Most people might say it means not feeling fear, but Cathy Cassani Adams says it is so much more than that. Why knowing this matters.

The essential skills all children need to be successful

Parents need to expose kids to listening, compassion and self-respect in order to help them be successful in life.

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